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I’m an aesthetics doctor – here’s my verdict on the butterfly lips trend as seen on Katie Price and Lauren Goodger

WHEN it comes to tweakments, trends come and go.

Whether it’s Turkey teeth or celebs getting their fillers dissolved, it feels as though there’s a new ‘must have look’ every few months.

Katie Price previously posted on social media that she had opted for ‘butterfly lips’
Lauren Goodger also went for the look and updated her followers on Instagram

The current trend doing the rounds is ‘butterfly lips‘, with household names such as Katie Price and Lauren Goodger both opting for the look.

Now one expert has revealed their verdict on the style, which sees the lips being opened out, almost to look like the wings of a butterfly.

Speaking to Sun Health, aesthetic doctor Dr Deepa Panch said it’s not a treatment she will be recommending to her patients.

“The butterfly lips trend is a dangerous trend.

“It involves dissolving and refilling the lips on the same day whilst applying surgical tape. Scientifically it doesn’t make sense to do this,” she said.

This is because the enzyme that’s used to dissolve filler causes swelling to the tissues and inflamation.

These are not ideal conditions to be injecting filler in, as they distort the natural anatomy of the lip compartment, the expert warned.

“The effects of the dissolving enzyme also continue for 72 hours after injection (and possibly longer) and there is no certainty of how far it will spread so the outcomes are not predictable.

“Surgical tape is definitely not going to stop this. There is no way of knowing how these lips will look in a few weeks time,” Dr Panch added.

Several videos have now gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok, of other people getting the treatments.

Celebs who’ve had the treatments have also shared their results online, which Dr Panch said might encourage others to opt for the tweakment.

Dr Panch said it’s important to be aware of the risks of this procedure if it’s something you’re thinking of getting.

“It’s important to note that the dissolving enzyme will not only dissolve filler but can also destroy your natural hyaluronic acid, which is obviously not desirable as it is a key molecule involved in skin moisture.

“In addition to this, the effects of using tape to hold this filler in place after overfilling the compartment is completely futile, not to mention completely unhygienic and so significantly increases your risk of developing an infection.

“With such large volumes of filler being injected and disrupting the delicate lip architecture, it is inevitable that this filler will migrate, creating a “duck like” appearance,” she said.

She added that she would not be offering this procedure in any form to her patients.

“I am certain no reputable medical practitioner will be offering this treatment either,” the expert said.


The Sun’s Had Our Fill campaign has been calling for tighter regulation of the £2.75billion fillers industry since 2020.

Clinics and salons have already been banned from giving Botox and lip fillers to under-18s unless they are for GP-approved medical reasons.

However, Dr Panch said that there is still a lack of regulation when it comes to products used in fillers.

“The market is flooded with unsafe, cheap and ineffective products which are sold to the consumer at a considerably cheaper price point than those regulated premium products used in reputable medical clinics.”

She added that lip procedures should only ever be carried out by regulated medical professionals who understand anatomy and are able to manage any complication that may arise.

Source of data and images: thesun

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