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‘Miracle’ CBD balm is saving people suffering from sore muscles and inflamed skin: ‘It feels like a healing blanket of velvet on the skin’

How many of us battle aches and pains due to the stress of everyday life?

Whether it’s a stiff neck from a bad night’s sleep or sore knees from battling our work commute, there are some body woes that not even a hot bath and large glass of wine can ease.

But as CBD skincare goes from strength to strength, a bunch of people are sharing their love for this High-Strength CBD Balm from Kloris that claims to ease pain and promote recovery.

The product has received rave reviews, with customers claiming it has banished their pain, nourished their skin and eased skin conditions.

One customer’s five-star review praised the balm for giving them a better quality of life. Another customer simply said of the balm: ‘It gave me back my life’.

‘Been suffering from joint pain for years – the CBD balm has been a welcome miracle,’ another added.

Aside from joint pain, one customer revealed how the miracle balm had helped their headaches ‘melt away’ after being applied to their hairline.

And others noted that the soothing balm had helped reduce redness and irritation from eczema and psoriasis.

‘I have been using this balm on my psoriasis patches on my body and it has been great at nourishing my skin and reducing the scaliness of the patches,’ a customer raved.

‘For years and years I suffered with itchy, dry and spotty skin around the forehead area and was constantly relying on steroid creams to nullify the itchiness. This CBD balm has been brilliant in eradicating it. I can’t recommend it enough for people with dry, sensitive skin,’ another added.

‘This is such a luxurious balm… It honestly feels like a healing blanket of velvet on the skin,’ one happy shopper mused.

Source of data and images: metro

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