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Alan Titchmarsh launches new cost-of-living gardening show

Alan Titchmarsh is talking very slowly and carefully. ‘I do think everybody should garden more. It’s so important.’ 

No doubt that’s true, but I didn’t actually ask the much-loved horticulturist about gardening – and he knows it.

His answer is cleverer than it sounds – not just stonewalling, but also hinting at how getting out in the open air, fingers in the soil, raising plants and flowers, can be good for mental health, which might well help the troubled prince.

Alan seems about to leave it there, but after a moment he can’t help empathising with his mate the King. ‘I think it’s very sad for him. I feel for any parent who has difficulties with their children, especially when their children are grown up.’

Alan and his wife of nearly 50 years, Alison, have two adult daughters, Polly and Camilla, who are close in age to the princes. There’s another pause, before he goes all in with his support for Charles. ‘I feel for him. He deserves better.’

Many would agree that a father deserves better than to be attacked publicly by his son in a bestselling book, whatever has passed between them. 

Some blame the Californian therapy culture Harry has absorbed since marrying Meghan, and Alan makes a joke. ‘If it was that good you wouldn’t need to keep going back, would you? Like slug pellets: if they’re that good, why do you have to keep using ’em?’

That’s typical Yorkshire common sense and jollity from Mr Titchmarsh, whose new programme Love Your Garden For Less – a special episode of his popular ITV series Love Your Garden – will show us how to find pleasure in the back yard during a cost-of-living crisis. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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