The sub-£40,000 electric cars with the longest ranges

The term ‘affordable’ is a relative one. What might be within one person’s budget might not be attainable for others. 

Some will argue – and perhaps rightfully so – that no electric car on sale in Britain today falls into the ‘affordable’ bracket. 

But there are some models that are far less expensive and that will go plenty far enough on a fully-charged battery to last a week (the average weekly UK passenger car mileage is 131 miles, according to the latest figures).

We’ve set a price ceiling of £40,000 for the EVs that can make it into this countdown. This is the ‘premium tax’ benchmark for Vehicle Excise Duty, with owners of all new motors over this amount forced to pay an extra £355 per year in car tax for the first five years at the standard rate.

Here are 10 EVs that avoid this premium tax sting and can travel the longest distances between charges based on their ‘official’ claims… 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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