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Prison nurse who lived 'extravagant' lifestyle funded by drug kingpin boyfriend avoids jail

A Liverpool football star’s prison nurse daughter who lived an ‘extravagant’ lifestyle funded by her drug kingpin boyfriend she met behind bars has avoided jail – after the judge said the relationship ruined her life. 

Georgia Harkness, 27, started seeing Salford drug dealer Ashley Blackett after they met in prison, while he was serving time and she worked as a prison nurse.

Blackett, who was last month jailed for 12-and-half years, arranged for money to be sent to the prison nurse so she could splash out £34,000 on designer clothes, £13,000 on jewellery and drive an Audi A5.

Harkness tried to hide the extent of her involvement by refusing to tell police her phone’s PIN number, but they eventually cracked the device and discovered incriminating material. 

Harkness, who was supported at court by her father – who played more than 100 games for Liverpool in the 1990s – avoided jail after a judge said she had no previous convictions, she looks after her young child and ruled that she can be rehabilitated.

‘Ashley Blackett has ruined your life, to a large extent,’ Judge Nicholas Dean KC told her. 

‘Though you are intelligent you seem to be completely blind to Ashley Blackett’s true character.’

Manchester Crown Court heard that Harkness provided a character reference for Blackett at his court hearing, and that their relationship appears to be ‘ongoing’.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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