Brit couple get huge motorhome stuck down narrow street while on holiday

The middle-aged holidaymakers had been enjoying a day in the picturesque village of Sorvilan, just south of Granada in Spain.

But the dream holiday turned into a nightmare last Saturday at around 9.30am when their motorhome got wedged between two houses.

They are thought to have got into the mess by ignoring a sign warning larger vehicles to avoid the centre.

Luckily a tow-truck and local police came to the couple’s rescue but it took four hours to save them.

The unnamed couple managed to continue their journey but had damaged their motorhome and the wall of one of the houses they were wedged between.

Local police officer Jose Rivas said: ‘They were passing through the village and never had any intention of staying so long.

‘A tow-truck had to be called and there was very little they could do but sit and wait while we tried to free the motorhome.

‘They didn’t speak much Spanish and it wasn’t really the sort of situation where we were going to get into detail about where they were coming from and where they were going because they were obviously upset at what happened.

‘But it seemed like they were touring the Costa del Sol and southern Spain and they obviously didn’t see a sign on the way into the centre of the village warning people about trying to go down the narrow streets with large vehicles.

‘We’re talking about streets that were laid when people used donkey-drawn carriages and weren’t designed for the sort of vehicle that got stuck on Saturday.

‘The operation to release it basically involved the use of a jack to lift it up and push it out of the spot where it was stuck. There was no other possible solution.

Source of data and images: metro

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