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French protesters set fire to Lyon town hall in nationwide uprising against Macron's pension reforms

Protesters have ransacked and attempted to set fire to a town hall in Lyon, France, during violent protests against French President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms today.

Slogans like ‘Macron is done’ and ‘Power to the people’ were seen scrawled across Lyon’s City Hall early this morning after protesters tried to set it alight yesterday evening.

Police said protesters ‘smashed down the door’ and went inside to ‘vandalise’ the town hall.

He added that ‘windows were smashed’ and there was an attempt to ‘burn the building down’.

Fires were also lit during a second night of rioting across other major cities and towns, including Paris.

Crowds chanting ‘Revolution!’ swarmed on to Place de la Concorde – the largest square in the French capital and the focal point of the protest movement.

Protesters are expressing anger after Mr Macron bypassed a vote in the National Assembly – France’s equivalent of the House of Commons – to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 on Thursday.

One protester said: ‘The measure is undemocratic but typical of a detested head of state.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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