Piqué reveals that they offered Negreira’s son for the Kings League

The kings league It has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. Today it occupies so many headlines and hours of entertainment that it seems that it has been in our lives much longer than it actually has. We all know whatand Gerard Pique is in charge of the project, accompanied by the CEO Oriol Querol.

But there was a time, a little over three months ago, when the competition was still being formed and choosing its managers and representatives. At that moment, as he has recounted Gerard Piqué, the former world champion player contacted a former referee seeking a recommendation on a potential Kings League worker.

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In this context, the former referee whose name has not been revealed, proposed to the son of negreira to be responsible for the competition. Fortunately, that option was ruled out for the kings leagueor now in a special chup chup or after kings program, they should have dealt with the situation of the case negreira involving his father.

In any case, that controversy was dodged and now all eyes are on the last day of the Kings League and the final four to be held at the SpotifyCamp Nou on Sunday March 26.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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