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Judge abused at Stanford Law School say protesters told him they hoped his daughters would be RAPED

A conservative judge who was heckled at Stanford Law School has claimed student protestors screamed that they hoped his daughters would be raped before the equity dean ambushed him in ‘a staged public shaming’.

Fifth Circuit Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan, 51, who was appointed by Donald Trump, was asked to give a speech at the famous law school last week about the circuit’s Court of Appeals by the student chapter of the Federalist Society. 

The judge also saw signs on campus that read ‘you should be ASHAMED’, with others claiming he had committed ‘crimes against women, gays, blacks and “trans people,”‘ he wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. 

‘Stanford Law School’s website touts its “collegial culture” in which “collaboration and the open exchange of ideas are essential to life and learning,”‘ he said. ‘This didn’t seem “collegial.”‘

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He was warned prior to his arrival that there may be protesters and the school had to allow it, but reassured him they were ‘on top of it.’ If there was any disruption, the school would handle it, he was told, but Duncan said that didn’t happen. 

Students stormed into the classroom with signs reading ‘FED SUCK’ and ‘Trans Lives Matter’ to heckle him about his judicial decision in the case US vs Varner, where a ‘federal prisoner serving a term for attempted receipt of child pornography…petitioned our court to order that he be called by feminine pronouns.’

‘As my opinion explained, federal courts can’t control what pronouns people use. The Stanford protesters saw it differently: My opinion had “denied a transwoman’s existence.”‘ 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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