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Social worker, 24, charged with sexual assault after hiring doulas to help with fake pregnancies

A woman who faked multiple pregnancies has been charged with sexual assault, fraud and criminal harassment in relation to at least six doulas.

Social worker Kaitlyn Braun, 24, repeatedly lied to the birthing partners she hired, claiming she was in labor or carrying a stillborn.

Police in Brantford, Ontario, have charged her with 32 offenses –  including criminal harassment, false pretenses, fraud, sexual assault and indecent acts.

It is not clear exactly what the indecent acts or sexual assault charges relate to, but doulas professionally provide physical support in various ways including massages and moving clients into various positions.

Canadian Braun faces ten charges of criminal harassment, 12 charges of false pretenses, four counts of fraud, three counts of sexual assault and three counts of committing an indecent act.

One victim, Amy Perry says her experience with Braun left her traumatized, after she tried to support the pregnancy faker for eight days.

Perry told CTV News  that she offered her experiences to Braun virtually and for free, adding: ‘The moans, the sounds she made were really realistic, even through the last stage of labor – through transition – she would even go as far as to vomit, which is the normal thing.

‘We really felt that there was an individual who was alone in the world going through something really horrible and we were just willing to put the scope of our practice aside and help her.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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