Birgander signs his best game with Joventut against the bottom team

The center Simon Brigander starred in the comfortable victory (103-86) of the youth before the colista, the Carplus Fuenlabrada, with his best match with the green and black jersey in the Endesa League, signing 23 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks.

The Swedish center and henry ellenson added 43 points of the 103 of the Penyawhich for the second consecutive game exceeded one hundred after doing so last Tuesday in the eurocup before him Cluj Napoca (104-81).

He Carplus Fuenlabrada conceded its 16th consecutive defeat and, despite its green shoots with the addition of Keanu Pinder, top scorer of the game with 25 points, the team of Oscar Quintana They will have to defend much more than they did in Badalona to get out of the classification pit.

no defenses

The two teams forgot the defense in the first quarter (29-25), to the delight of the fans and the despair of the local coach, Carlos Duránwho did not like that he Carplus Fuenlabrada scored without much opposition.

Ellenson and Brigander carried the offensive weight of La Penya while Keanu Pinder and Chris Horton they gave him the reply in the team Oscar Quintana.

The first pull was given by the youth with a couple of counterattacks culminating in henry ellenson (25-18, min. 7) to finish the first quarter the Badalona team four up (29-25).

He became more interested in defense Penya in the second quarter, especially near his basket, with Tomic marking territory and ribas intelligent in the aids to steal the ball and quickly mount the counterattack.

ellensonaccurate in the triple and in the resolution of the counterattacks, put the locals above ten points (40-29, min. 17) to finish the first half with 14 points.

The Penya he managed his income well, stretching it to a maximum of 14 points (45-31, min. 19). He Carplus Fuenlabradaby the hand of Lasan Kronahmanaged to go to the break below the psychological barrier of ten points (47-38).

smash attack

The game followed the tone of the first half after the break, with the youth dominating without difficulty on the scoreboard (55-42, min. 23). Those from Badalona, ​​however, failed to put the direct and break the game when Ante Tomicwith four fouls, and pau ribasupon receiving a blow, they went to the bench.

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He Carplus Fuenlabrada came up with the points of Horton and Pinder (58-52, min. 24), but Birgander and Ellenson came to the rescue and launched Joventut, with six points each, until a 17-6 run that took the locals to their maximum advantage (75-58, min. 28). Those from Badalona scored 30 points in this third quarter.

The last quarter was a formality since at the Carplus Fuenlabrada They no longer gave him the strength to even make up the marker. He youth came to have a maximum difference of 20 points (89-69) with the points of Pau Ribas and Ante Tomic.

Joventut, 103 – Fuenlabrada, 86

Youth Badalona (29+18+30+26): Vives (10), Guy (7), Parra (10), Ellenson (20), Birgander (23) -initial team-, Kraag (6), Ribas (11), Happy (-), Tomic (10), Brodziansky (2), Busquets (4) and Ventura (-)

Carplus Fuenlabrada (25+13+22+26): Ali (12), Novak (10), Kromah (16), Horton (12), Pinder (25) -initial team-, Okouo (2), Ngouama (-), Eyenga (3), Lewis (4), Garcia (2).

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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