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The Apprentice's Shazia Hussain claims she was 'racially bullied'

The Apprentice candidate Shazia Hussain has claimed she was racially bullied during her time on the show.

Reality contestant Shazia, 40, said her troubles began after she named a giraffe Yogita for a pre-school cartoon during a task under a diversity and inclusion theme.

She told The Sun: ‘I felt exposed to aggression because of it. I think it was racist’

While her team won the task, she added: ‘After the episode, I feel I was verbally abused by some of the candidates.

‘They (the BBC) brought in a diversity specialist to talk to everyone but I feel nothing changed. The teams were also rearranged but I feel the bullying continued.

‘I feel like I was bullied and harassed to the point that I asked to leave the house. I feel like the BBC have failed me.’

She added that she complained about the three candidates involved but has not heard anything more, adding that she thought she was fired after the fifth task ‘because it was easier to take me out of the situation’.

Shazia said that she believes the BBC did not follow through on their duty of care for her.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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