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What is a lucid dream and how can you have one?

Lucid dreaming was a central theme in the ancient Indian and Tibetan Yoga practices, and is referenced in ancient Greek writing by leading figures like Aristotle.

But, what exactly is a lucid dream, how can you have one and is it dangerous? Here’s everything we know.

A lucid dream is when the dreamer is aware of the fact that they are dreaming.

During lucid dreams, dreamers have the opportunity to use this awareness to gain some control over what their dream entails.

They could impact the characters in it, the environment the dream is set in and what unfolds.

However, the dreamer doesn’t have to succeed at controlling their dream for it to be considered a lucid dream. The awareness alone makes it lucid.

Lucid dreaming is considered to have many benefits.

Some researchers believe it can help people feel less anxious and more empowered through renewing their sense of control.

Successful lucid dreamers will also be able to control or at least be aware enough to not be scared of their nightmares, which could potentially improve their mental wellbeing and sleep quality.

Some studies have suggested that those who are able to lucid dream become better at problem-solving and are more creative.

Lucid dreams often happen spontaneously. However, it is possible to learn the skill of lucid dreaming.

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