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Six books to read this Mother’s Day to help you understand your mum better

Mother’s Day is here – the day dedicated to the mums, stepmums, grandmas, and other maternal figures in our lives.

For some people, it’s a day that means bouquets of flowers and toasting with some fizz.

But it’s not an easy day for everyone. If you’re estranged, or have a tricky relationship with your mum, it can be emotionally triggering.

And whether you’re super close – or you don’t always see eye to eye – relationships can be tricky, and the one with your mum is no different.

Sometimes, we could do with a little extra help with understanding our mums – and these six books can help you do just that.

From brutally honest discussions of mother-daughter relationships, to hilarious novels about the pressures of ‘doing the right thing’ when raising kids, there’s a read for everyone.

Fifteen writers come together and share their own candid take on their relationships with their mothers.

From Andre Aciman talking about what it was like to have a deaf mother, to Melizza Febos, who explores what it was like having a psychotherapist for a mother, these eye-opening accounts are honest and enlightening.

Buy now for £10.99.

If you’re looking for a giggle then this one is for you.

Lucy’s witty take on motherhood will open your eyes to the trials and tribulations that mothers experience – and might make you realise your mum isn’t quite as bonkers as you think.

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