MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Try these four great UK success stories

The stock market has had a torrid few weeks. Many share prices have fallen since January and the collapse of a technology-focused bank in California has sent ripples across the financial sector.

High-profile companies have chosen to list in America rather than here, with others hinting that they may follow suit. Amidst it all come suggestions that the UK is past its prime, stuck in a rut, a busted flush. Not so fast. As Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said in last Wednesday’s Budget: ‘The declinists are wrong, and the optimists are right.’

Every year, thousands of firms decide they need to stamp their identity on to everyday paraphernalia – pens, mugs, T-shirts, umbrellas, bags, golf balls and the like. And 4imprint helps these firms to buy what they need when they need it at an affordable price.

The group started out with a 12-page catalogue in 1987. Today, it is the world’s largest promotional products group, selling millions of items online across the UK, Ireland and North America.

The shares have soared in suit. Just £2.17 when Midas recommended them in 2011, they have risen more than 20-fold since then to £46.70. Many followers believe the stock has further to go.

Only last week, chief executive Kevin Lyons-Tarr unveiled stellar figures for 2022. Profits more than tripled to $104 million (£86 million), the dividend soared from 33.8p to £1.32 and a special payout was declared – of £1.65 a share.

The company reports primarily in dollars because more than 90 per cent of sales are generated in America, where businesses are particularly fond of using logo-embossed goods to attract customers and reward employees.

But 4imprint is headquartered in London, there is a thriving hub in Manchester and the board retains a strong commitment to the UK market.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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