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Myleene Klass sends support to those who've suffered baby loss on Mother's Day

Myleene Klass offered her support to those who have had a miscarriage and may find Mother’s Day particularly challenging on Sunday.

The media personality, 44, took to her Instagram to explain the comforting concept of Microchimerism – when your baby imparts their cells into you and in turn, you into them – even if you lose them.

She penned in her Mother’s Day post: ‘This is for the #1in4. Every day is difficult when you’ve lost a baby, the endless gender reveals online, hearing parents complain about their lack of sleep when you’d give anything to be in their shoes.

‘Even just walking in the park as strollers and prams suddenly appear from every direction can feel like an ambush, but today is an especially tough day for those who’ve lost a child, miscarried a baby.

‘I’ve spoken about Microchimerism in the past and it seems to give the peace I craved to other women. So on this day, Mother’s day, a day that leaves many in limbo, after all, you were a mother to a little one and you’re still that mother but whilst the external looks ‘back to normal’, inside, you’ll never feel the same.

‘Whilst there’s no little one to physically hold, knowing they’re quite literally in your heart and mind changes everything. It’s hard sometimes, believing your body let them down, but there’s comfort in knowing it’s your body where they now reside.

‘Your baby imparts their cells into you and in turn, you into them.

‘Whilst you can’t carry them in your arms, know that you literally carry them in your heart. They were here, they are here and they get to stay with you forever, which is exactly where they belong.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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