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CNN anchor admits Biden's family receiving more than $1million in Chinese cash doesn't 'look good' 

CNN anchor Erin Burnett has admitted evidence that members of President Biden’s family received over $1million from various accounts linked to son Hunter’s Chinese business associates ‘doesn’t look good’ for the First family. 

During a recent episode of CNN’s ‘Erin Burnett OutFront,’ the host touched on the subpoenaed financial records, which were obtained by the House Oversight Committee.

Burnett brought up the subpoenaed financial records, which show that Hunter’s business partner funneled funds to several of his family members, with ‘Just Security’ co-editor-in-chief Ryan Goodman.

She said any layperson would think the Chinese payoff payments don’t ‘look good.’

Goodman, however, said that in all likelihood, nothing ‘damaging legally’ would come of the records, though they may present ‘possibly unethical’ behavior.

‘When I look at all of the facts alleged in the four-page memo, it looks potentially unethical. But it’s difficult to match it up with any illegality or crime,’ said Goodman.

Goodman also noted that the payments could look like ‘influence-peddling’ between foreign assets and the Bidens, as some Republicans have warned for years may be the case, but again noted that he didn’t see anything illegal at play.

Only recently did CNN begin to cover Hunter Biden’s allegedly corrupt behavior, first running its own report about the Biden family’s questionable ethics in January – more than two years after the New York Post first reported on Hunter’s laptop.

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