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Your dating profile needs a spring clean too – here’s how to do it

You probably set yours up months, if not years ago, when you were in a hurry and unsure of which awkward question prompts to answer.

But just like getting rid of those skinny jobs from the back of your wardrobe, it’s time to take a look back at your profile and make some edits.

Maybe your dating goals have changed, maybe you’ve got new photos to update, or perhaps you’ve now got wittier answers for your bio.

Logan Ury, director of relationship science at Hinge, says there are some quick steps to giving your profile the once over.

Ready to line up some spring dates? Here’s what to do.

Logan says: ‘Think about your profile as your opening line in a conversation – something your match can respond to or ask a follow-up question about.’

How easy is your profile to respond to? If people keep opening with ‘hey’ and not much else, maybe you can make it easier.

Are you a part-time comic? Do you enjoy painting? Show it.

Logan says: ‘Successful profiles include a mixture of both humour and vulnerability, so lean into both your silly side and your more serious one.’

If there’s a variety of formats on your dating app, such as voice notes and videos, make use of them.

Research shows that 64% of daters feel a potential match’s voice is an important factor in determining if they like them, and almost half of users have become more attracted to someone after hearing their voice.

Source of data and images: metro

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