David Schwimmer’s relationship history after admitting to having a crush on the Friends co-star

David Schwimmer, 56, and Jennifer Aniston, 54, had one of the most iconic on-screen relationships of the 1990s, but it took decades for the two actors to admit they had a crush on them. for each other in real life. Unlike his Friends persona, David has had a few successful long-term relationships during his time in the public eye and takes part in Celebrity Bake Off to raise awareness of breast cancer, which his ex-wife’s mother tragically died of.

David and Jennifer have spent a decade portraying the ongoing relationship between the characters of their friends, Rachel Green and Ross Gellar.

However, during the show’s reunion, David revealed, “We were both crashing, but it was like two ships passing because one of us was still a couple and we never crossed that line.”

During the early years of Friends, Jennifer was in a long-term relationship with Daniel McDonald while David’s first high profile relationship began in 1997 with his Kissing A Fool co-star.

Israeli actress Mili Avital, 50, dated David for four years before the Malagasy star proposed to her in early 2001, and many saw a dream wedding ahead.

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Sadly, the couple called off the engagement eight months later, and the actor has often lamented his split from “the one I’ve truly fallen for”, as he said in a 2005 interview with the Irish Examiner.

In August 2002, David found love again with Spanish actress Carla Alapont, but their relationship was short-lived as they separated in November 2003.

Following this breakup, David transitioned from actress to musician, having first had another short-lived relationship with Gina Lee of punk band Unisex Salon in 2004.

That same year, the actor dated S Club 7 singer Tina Barrett, 46, but only for a few months.

A testament to David’s ‘two passing ships’ comment, now that he was single, Jennifer was one of Hollywood’s sexiest couple.

Jennifer had been dating movie heartthrob Brad Pitt since 1998 and the couple married in 2000.

In 2007, David became part of his own Hollywood hit couple with English artist Zoe Buckman.

The couple met in 2007 and almost instantly became an iconic couple in Hollywood before getting married in 2010 in a private ceremony.

In 2011 they welcomed 12-year-old daughter Cleo, but six years later fans were devastated to learn the couple were going their separate ways.

David and Zoe are still on good terms, raising their daughter together and the actor now honoring the memory of his former mother-in-law on Celebrity Bake-Off.

Following David and Jennifer’s candid comments at the 2021 reunion that the two stars are now single, fans were frantic about a potential relationship in the works.

While reps for both actors have repeatedly noted that there’s no truth behind the romance rumors, Jennifer and David continue to incite their fan base on social media.

In late 2022, Jennifer posted a sultry photo on Instagram of herself in the shower, captioned: “Something is coming up.”

David was quick to post his own shower photos, albeit far less stylish than his former co-star.

He captioned the post, following Jennifer’s statement: “A towel I hope??”

Rather anti-climactic, the actress was actually referring to a new shampoo and conditioner from her hair care company LolaVie.

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