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Put down the acids and try ‘skin rewilding’ – your face will thank you for it

Acids, retinol, vitamin C. Our lotions and potions are increasingly harsh and potent.

Do we really need it all?

While these ingredients can be great for treating spots, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and evening out discolouration, they need to be used in moderation.

The skin barrier needs protecting, and sloughing it away in the name of beauty will only cause more problems in the long run.

There’s where rewilding comes in.

You might have heard the term used in relation to sustainability and the environment. It’s all about returning the planet to a more natural – or wilder – state.

This often means doing nothing and letting nature take over, and take its course.

Dr Catharine Denning, who works with sensitive skin brand Curél, says that skin rewilding is about taking your skincare routine back to basics too.

She explains: ‘Skin rewilding is the removal of all actives from your skincare routine, stripping product use right back to allow for your skin to behave in a way that’s “natural” to it.

‘The school of thought is that by doing so, you are encouraging the skin’s natural microbiome to flourish and restore the barrier function of the skin.

‘Actives, which you’ll find in things like exfoliating acids, retinols, vitamin c should be replaced with products that are of a similar pH to the skin.

Source of data and images: metro

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