WhatsApp: avoid the “typing…” message with this trick

In WhatsApp there are many people who prefer to have the greater privacy possible. The application has long allowed people not to know your last connection time and if you are online. Users can also choose who to display the photo, status, and profile information. Instead, there is no option to disable the “typing…” message that appears when you are replying to someone.

You don’t see it, but the other person does, and that can reduce your privacy. That conditions privacy: other users can control whether you are connected or not. To avoid that, there is this handy trick.

‘Airplane mode’

The easiest way to avoid moment ‘typing…’ is deactivating the Mobile data and the Wifi. So, you write the answer in ‘airplane mode‘. When you want to send it, you just have to reactivate the connection and the text will be sent immediately.

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This trick also works if you want to listen to an audio and the sender does not realize that you have seen it. You just have to access the ‘app’ having previously activated the ‘airplane mode’ and listen to the voice message.

Another alternative

Another option is to write the answer in any application of gradeseither the ones that come default in iOS and Android, in any other or even in the body of the email. In this way, while you are writing the message, the ‘writing…’ indicator will not appear because you simply will not be doing it in WhatsApp.

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