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Appeal issued after rare 6ft shark that washed up on Hampshire beach is decapitated

Alisha Openshaw, 38, spotted the smalltoothed sand tiger shark in the shallows of a Hampshire beach on Friday but was unable to save it.

Trophy hunters who decapitated a shark corpse after it washed up on a beach in Hampshire have been urged to return the remains as it holds vital clues to the whereabouts of its endangered family. After a six-foot smalltoothed sand tiger shark washed up on Lepe beach in Hampshire on Friday, scientists and conservationists made plans to inspect the corpse, particularly the head and its eyes, to track its whereabouts and improve upon the paucity of information available on the endangered species. But when they visited the site to recover the body, they found only the remains of a butchered carcass as trophy hunters, under the cover of darkness, had removed its head, tail and fin. 

Source of data and images: daily-express

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