Al-Arabi Al-Nasseri: The decline in the price of the dollar is a strong blow to the black market and a real culmination of the state’s efforts

Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Ela, head of the Arab Nasserist Party, praised the state’s recent efforts to confront the black market that manipulates the price of the dollar or foreign currency in general, stressing that the state’s efforts during the current period played a major role in eliminating the black market, and perhaps its most notable results were the sharp decline in the price of The dollar, in just 24 hours, is approximately 20 pounds.


Abu El-Ela confirmed that With the continuation of the state’s efforts, the sharp decline in the price of the dollar will continue, indicating that the relevant agencies are continuing their war on the price mafia, and have directed massive security campaigns targeting black market currency dealers who are harming the national economy, and monopolists of food commodities to raise their prices.


The head of the Arab Nasserist Party praised the efforts of the security services that implemented the directives of Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior, and were able to arrest a gang formation specializing in illicit trade in foreign exchange, as a continuation of the security strikes against crimes of illicit trade in foreign exchange. And speculation in currency prices by hiding them from circulation and trading them outside the scope of the banking market, and the repercussions it represents on the country’s national economy and intensifying efforts to monitor and prosecute those responsible for this criminal activity.

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