Al-Wafd Party: The occupation’s bombing of Palestinian Rafah is a crime of genocide

The Wafd Party condemned the Israeli occupation’s targeting of the Palestinian city of Rafah, inhabited by displaced persons, to commit new massacres as part of the genocidal crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since last October 7, noting that this hideous attack on Rafah is a continuation of On the part of the occupation, ignoring all international conventions and norms, in light of the shameful Western bias towards the crimes of the occupation and supporting the killing of children, women and the elderly, which will lead to unforeseen consequences for the region.


The Wafd Party said that the exposure of the Palestinian city of Rafah to bombing by the Israeli occupation forces despite international warnings rejecting any targeting or bombing of a city in which approximately 1,400,000 displaced Palestinians live confirms the occupation’s persistence in practicing all violations and crimes, whether stipulated in international law or international law. The international humanitarian community, in accordance with humanitarian standards, is prohibited from committing all types and forms of heinous crimes that amount to genocide.


The Wafd Party explained that Israel has violated the Charter of the United Nations and international human rights law in general. , which prohibits harming the lives and safety of individuals during wars and armed conflicts, and criminalizes attacks on populated civilian areas.


The Wafd Party indicated that the Egyptian state has repeatedly warned Of the repercussions of the crimes against humanity committed by the occupation forces against the people of the Gaza Strip, it warned against targeting the city of Rafah, and Egypt’s position will remain steadfast in supporting the Palestinian cause and reaching a just and comprehensive solution to the two-state solution and establishing an independent State of Palestine with Holy Jerusalem as its capital, and working for the continued flow of humanitarian aid. Relief and medical services for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

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