Ambassador Hussein Haridi: Egypt continues to communicate with all parties to continue the flow of aid to Gaza

Former Assistant Foreign Minister, Ambassador Hussein Haridi, confirmed that Egypt continues to communicate with all concerned parties to ensure that the greatest amount of aid reaches the people of the Gaza Strip, based on its humanitarian and historical responsibility towards the brotherly people of Palestine, which has a great place in the hearts of Egyptians.  


Ambassador Haridi stated, in a special statement to the Middle East News Agency “Today, Saturday” That the Egyptian state did not close the Rafah crossing at any time since the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, but rather welcomed the evacuation of foreign nationals from the Strip through the crossing; To return to their country for humanitarian considerations, but at the same time it announced its desire to bring in relief materials in parallel with the process of the exit of foreigners.

He continued that Cairo would not have agreed to the American demand and the demands of other countries regarding the evacuation of foreigners from the Gaza Strip through Egyptian territory. Without providing humanitarian, medical and relief aid to the brotherly Palestinian people in parallel; To support him in steadfastness on his historic land and his heroic and epic confrontation with the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and to respond to the decision of the “Tel Aviv government” By closing all crossings linking the Gaza Strip to Israel with the aim of starving the Palestinian people.


The former Assistant Foreign Minister warned, in this regard, that the Israeli occupation is responsible, first and foremost, for Delay in the entry of aid into the Gaza Strip due to “sterile” inspection procedures. Which it imposes on the entry of this aid, in addition to the repeated bombing of the other side of the crossing.


Ambassador Haridi highlighted the Israeli government’s intentional failure to deliver aid in the quantities and speed required to meet daily needs. For Palestinians inside the Strip; This is within the framework of a systematic plan to torture them with bombing, hunger, and disease in order to force them to leave their homes and lands, which Egypt will not accept and oppose with all force and resolve.


He stressed that Egypt should deal with With the Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine, it stems from an established historical fact, which is that the Palestinian issue is fundamentally linked to Egyptian national security on the one hand, and on the other hand to its historical obligations and responsibility towards the Palestinians, noting Egypt’s efforts and its uninterrupted contacts with all regional, international and international parties for a ceasefire. The fire and push towards direct recognition of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders.

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