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American official: Washington’s strikes against militias in Iraq will not be the last

The US State Department confirmed that the strikes launched by the United States against pro-Iranian militias in Iraq will not be the last in a series of reactions to the attack that claimed the lives of three American soldiers in Jordan.

The regional spokesman for the US State Department, Samuel Warburg, said – in special statements to the Al-Hurra American channel on Thursday – that the United States will hold accountable the party carrying out the attack on the American forces in Jordan.

The American official added, “The strikes represent a clear message to the militias and Iran that it is time to stop these attacks,” noting that the United States does not want to see any escalation in the region.

He stressed that his country will take all necessary measures to protect itself and protect American forces anywhere, whether in Iraq, Syria, or anywhere else. Pointing out at the same time that the Iraqi government has the responsibility to protect all international coalition soldiers present on its territory because they are there at its invitation. She has the responsibility to coordinate with us in order to protect them.

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