Anthony Albanese's message to NO voters as support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament plunges

Anthony Albanese has hit back at Voice to Parliament critics who say the proposal lacks detail.

The Prime Minister told voters there was ‘nothing to fear’ about the upcoming referendum, saying that it is ‘just about recognition, and then about an advisory body’.

‘The detail is there and of course, the Parliament will determine the composition and procedures of the Voice,’ he said on the program.

He went on to say that those who question why the referendum has to occur before the set up of the Voice is worked out are not asking a ‘genuine question’.

‘The Constitution sets out the principles and the beauty of this proposal is that it doesn’t interfere with the primacy of the Parliament, it reinforces it – that’s the whole point,’ he said.

‘It will be up to Parliament to determine the functions and procedures, composition of the Voice and that has been the way that our Constitution is written.

‘It says we’ll have a defence force, it doesn’t say how many tanks we’ll have, it doesn’t say where the bases will be, it doesn’t say what the size of our army should be.’

Mr Albanese would not agree that there had been an ugly element to the Voice campaign.

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