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Are you eco-conscious but want to try a cruise? Here’s how…

However, there are are ways for die-hard cruisers to minimise their travel impact, starting with selecting the right voyage.

Here’s our travel team’s top tips on how to get your sea legs without feeling any less green.

CHOOSING A LINE: Climate change needs our consideration

Carbon emissions from cruise ships visiting European ports last year were equivalent to 50,000 flights between Paris and New York, according to a recent study.

And while liquefied natural gas has been touted as a saviour-like replacement for the industry’s traditional heavy fuel oil, there’s ample evidence that its impact is worse.

Far kinder is the new breed of ships relying as much as possible on hydrogen fuel cells or electric batteries.

Hurtigruten, Ponant, and Havila Voyages – are among the most green-minded lines at sea. And there’s also Star Clippers, whose traditional tall sailing ships rely mostly on natural wind power.

No matter the destination, always be sure to do some research to get handy travel guidance and deals.

CHOOSING A DESTINATION: Could you take something to help others?

It’s not so simple as avoiding the world’s most fragile environments. In the Arctic, cruise tourism is a force for good.

Fees for parks and wildlife reserves are paid in advance, and they help to support these areas. Visits to remote communities result in income, awareness and cultural interaction.

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