Argentina’s new president is former tantric sex coach who talks to his dead dog

Argentina’s new president is former tantric sex coach who talks to his dead dog  

But Javier Milei is not a new character at Comic Con – he was last night elected president of Argentina in what has been dubbed the country’s most important election in decades.

Milei has drawn comparisons with Boris Johnson and Donald Trump – who said he was ‘proud’ of Buenos Aires’ new premier and, adopting his MAGA slogan, insisted he would ‘Make Argentina Great Again!’.

The far-right outsider stormed to victory after an outlandish campaign including a rally featuring Batman and the Joker, a man in a full lion costume and another supporter whose head and arms were replaced by chainsaws.

Milei has been nicknamed the ‘chainsaw president’ after appearing on stage at rallies holding the power tool while pledging to slash public spending.

And his life was equally colourful before he entered the political arena.

Like former US president Trump, the 53-year-old television pundit and economist has no previous governing experience – and is said to seek advice from his dead dog, using telepathy.

His CV includes working as a tantric sex coach, which saw him go up to three months without having an orgasm.

The life-long bachelor, who has also revealed his penchant for threesomes, previously vowed to make his sister, Karina Milei, the First Lady if he was elected to office.

When a political opponent branded him a ‘dishevelled panellist who screams on stage and sleeps with eight dogs and his sister’, Milei simply replied: ‘I don’t have eight dogs’.

And like Boris Johnson, the new Argentinian leader – the former frontman of a Rolling Stones tribute act called Everest – is famed for his wild hair, which he says he never combs.

Only right-wing woman, Lilia Lemoine, his image consultant and professional cosplayer, is allowed to style his mane.

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