Asma Jalal joins the cast of the movie Welad Rizk 3

Actress Asmaa Jalal joined the heroes of the movie (Welad Rizk 3…The Judge), which is the third part of the famous movie that achieved great Egyptian and Arab success.



The makers of the film Welad Rizk are currently completing filming in Cairo, after months of filming in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in preparation for showing during the summer of 2024, after 5 years. The second part of the movie “Walad Rizk… The Return of the Lions of the Earth” was shown, while the first part of it was shown in 2015.


And he participates in The film stars Ahmed Ezz, Aser Yassin, Amr Youssef, and Karim Kassem, written by Salah Al-Juhaini, and directed by Tariq Al-Erian.

Asmaa Jalal also finished filming the film “Playing with the Children” Starring Mohamed Imam, Bassem Samra, and Wizo, written and directed by Sherif Arafa, which is scheduled to be shown in the summer of 2024.

On the other hand, Asma Jalal had apologized for not participating. In the series with the highest viewership rating, which was scheduled to be shown during the next Ramadan season.

The apology came because she was busy filming the series Apartment Works, in which she experiences comedy for the first time, in preparation for To be shown in Ramadan 2024.

The series consists of 15 episodes, and its events take place within a social comedy framework. It stars Hisham Majed and Asmaa Galal, written by Sherine and Khaled Diab, and directed by Khaled Diab.  

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