At least it wasn't a pen! King Charles gets the giggles as he tries his hand at making good luck charms during visit to crafts centre

King Charles got a fit of the giggles as he tried his hand at making Mexican good luck charms on a visit to a crafts centre today.

The King was hailed as ‘visionary’ as he visited the centre dedicated to preserving couture skills.

Eliza Kate Gomersall, 23, from Hildenborough, Kent talked him through her embroidery work, which was inspired by the Stumpery at the King’s Gloucestershire residence as well as Japanese art.

Looking at her sketches, the King, himself an accomplished painter, asked: ‘Are these all done in watercolour? Absolutely brilliant.’

She said afterwards: ‘He was really enthusiastic and interested in keeping this craft alive and keeping it current.’

Elsa Searle-Vincent, 25, from Exeter, told the monarch how her work was based on a moss-covered fountain in his garden.

‘What’s fascinating about it,’ he replied, ‘Is how many species there are, and the extraordinary colours – the emeralds.’

Another graduate told the King her work was based on the sunlight on the apple trees in the kitchen garden at Highgrove.

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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