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Bella Hadid lookalike confuses crowd at Diesel show

Her name is not Bella Hadid.

A model walking the Diesel Spring 2024 show in Milan on Wednesday was mistaken for Bella Hadid, thanks to her striking look.

After a brunette model with a similar vibe strutted down the runway to close the show in a black bra top and low-cut maxi skirt, fans on social media were completely confused by the double take.

However, the lookalike in question was not Hadid, but rather based in London. Dalton Duboiswhose Instagram was flooded with commenters comparing her to the famous Hadid sister during the weeks leading up to the show.

“The way I was scrolling down and I thought it was Bella,” one person commented on a photo from February. “I literally thought you were Bella, my god,” said another.

After a Twitter user underlines“It wasn’t Bella Hadid who closed Diesel, it was Dalton Dubois,” another replied“lmao if I was that model that was mistaken for Bella Hadid I would put that on all my social media, my CV, and make it my whole personality fr.”

Although he looks like Bella, the model in question was actually Dalton Dubois.

Bella Hadid
Bella took a break from modeling while she underwent treatment for Lyme disease.
Getty Images

A commentator on Twitter joked“We have Bella Hadid at home,” before sharing a photo of Dalton on the runway.

A fashion fan tweeted“the public reaction because they thought Bella made her runway comeback at Diesel last night and all this time it wasn’t even her…you can’t deny her atp model star power. “

“I have never seen Bella Hadid and Dalton Dubois in the same room” someone else pointed this outcalling him “curious”.

Dalton Dubois
Dalton’s Instagram commenter regularly compares her to Bella.

Dalton Dubois
Both brunettes have extremely high cheekbones and similar features.

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However, not everyone found the uncanny resemblance to a person Tweeter“You see any girl with very structured cheekbones and light eyes and you think she’s Bella Hadid.”

In fact, the sober 26-year-old model took some time off the catwalk while she underwent treatment for her Lyme disease.

While she shared a sneak peek of her first fashion gig in August and has since modeled in an alien-style photo shoot for Marc Jacobs, the younger Hadid sister has yet to appear on the catwalk since October 2022.

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