Biden arrives in NYC for UN assembly – after Mayor Eric Adams and Hillary Clinton slams him over migrant crisis overwhelming the Big Apple

 Joe Biden has arrived in New York City for the UN Assembly meeting amid a growing cacophony of criticism over his handling of the Big Apple’s migrant crisis. 

The president traveled via Air Force One from the White House to New York on Sunday evening, causing a major traffic pile-up as his motorcade made its way from JFK to the city center. 

The city’s Department of Transportation has issued a gridlock alert with extensive street closures Monday through Friday due to the conference.

But the president’s motorcade isn’t the only thing causing chaos on New York highways, as the city struggles to cope with overwhelming numbers of migrants and many have been left to sleep on the streets as they await processing. 

Biden might be keen to avoid his City Hall counterparts as they continue to fire criticism at him at every opportunity over the handling of the crisis. 

As 10,000 refugees continue to pour into the city each month, Mayor Eric Adams warned the problem is now threatening to ‘destroy’ New York City. 

He blamed a lack of federal support, a ‘broken’ nationwide immigration system and Republicans bussing refugees from their own states into the city for the crisis. 

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration have passed the humanitarian issue like a hot potato back to local officials, blaming them for having ‘no exit strategy’ for processing thousands of people.  

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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