Britney Spears shares cryptic Instagram post as she hints at reason for account deletion

Britney Spears made her return to Instagram with a cryptic post that could hint at why she deactivated her account.

The pop sensation briefly deleted her account over the weekend but made a comeback Sunday night.

Since returning to the photo-sharing platform, the singer has shared a series of her usual dance videos and selfies – but her latest post has fans perplexed.

On Monday evening, Britney reposted a clip from a meme account under the handle @girlrewind, which showed two teenage girls and a younger girl breaking eggs into a glass bowl.

The two older girls cracked their eggs on the younger one’s forehead, leaving her visibly upset and confused, as they burst out laughing.

The girl then said, “Hey, that wasn’t very nice” and broke her egg on one of the older girls’ foreheads in revenge.

Although the clip was a playful prank, it seemed like it didn’t sit well with Britney.

Alongside her repost of the clip, Britney wrote: “IF SHE HAD JUST SmackED THE SHIT OUT OF THEM… STAY CLASSY PEOPLE!!!!

“Psss no one laughs when she answers them…well, they laugh here but what if I get there??? [sic]” concluded his ambiguous message.

The 41-year-old singer later reposted the prank on her Story, alongside another lengthy message to her fans.

“I’m not complaining about this video…it’s actually very cute but without sound it has a different effect!!!” Britney explained.

She continued: “For me it’s darker… similar things have been done to me so I look at it with different eyes!!!

“Most of my inner conflicts with people are knowing the enemy is right in front of me, but I kept them because I loved them!!!”

She then added, “I am extremely sensitive to anyone making fun of someone or bullying them in any way!!!”

Before dropping the bomb: “There are so many things that I have kept private that have had a personal impact on me and maybe one day I can let people know… in the meantime, there is 3 versions of each story!!!

It then seemed as if Britney was speaking directly to someone: “Your side, my side and the truth!!! The child inside is trust, the girl in the middle is truth…”

She then urged people to “watch it NOW without the sound”, referring to the prank.

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