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Cairo News: Explosions east of Baghdad targeted a black car and a weapons depot

Heba Al-Tamimi, correspondent for the Cairo News Channel in Baghdad, said that very large explosions occurred in the east of the capital, Baghdad, and initial reports indicate that the sites where the Iraqi factions are located were targeted, and many videos indicate that the explosions targeted a black car belonging to the Iraqi factions, which was targeted with 3 missiles. Via drone.

Heba Al-Tamimi added, during an intervention, that the explosions occurred in the “Al-Mashtal” area, and some indicate that inside this car was a prominent leader of these factions, and ambulances and police rushed towards this site, and the Civil Defense was able to put out the fire very quickly.

She explained that the people expressed their fear of the presence of many targets in the “Al-Mashtal” area, especially since those areas are densely populated, and specifically this period, given that it is a peak period, where women, youth, and children shop, and all cafes are open during this period, and therefore the area does not grow due to the large number of people. Population.

She indicated that a weapons depot belonging to Iraqi factions east of the capital, Baghdad, was targeted, and the security forces imposed a security cordon around the area.

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