Can I get pet insurance that pays out if my dog bites someone?

I have been reading worrying stories about fatal dog attacks in Britain – in particular those from the ‘XL Bully’ breed.

I am a dog owner myself – of a four-year-old lurcher, Max, who is a very sweet and gentle dog.

I want to be responsible and prepare for the absolute worst-case scenario of Max ever biting anybody. Is it possible to get insurance to cover the cost of a dog bite? Via email

Sam Barker of This is Money replies: The tragic recent dog attacks have certainly put the problem of aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners into the spotlight.

Home secretary Suella Braverman this week said the popular XL Bully breed could be banned after a dog attack in Birmingham.

While your own dog is among the vast majority of canines that are perfectly friendly, it cannot hurt to be prepared. 

While the emotional impact of a dog bite cannot be insured against, the financial impact to the dog owner can be. 

So the short answer to your question is yes, you can get insurance against the cost of your dog biting someone else – and in fact it is included as standard on 90 per cent of pet insurance deals.

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