Candidate for membership in the Bar Council: Reforming the pension system is the most important priority of my electoral program

Abdul Majeed Jaber, the official spokesman for the Support Your Union campaign and the candidate for membership in the Bar Association Council for the Cairo Appeals Seat, said that reforming the pension system is one of his most important priorities in his electoral program.

Jaber explained in a statement that this is It represents a basic obligation in implementation of what the legislator regulated in Law No. 17 of 1983 and its amendments in Articles 196 to 212, where the legislator stipulated that for a lawyer to obtain a pension, he must either retire or be completely disabled that prevents him from continuing to practice the profession.

Jaber pointed out that the lawyer has the right to receive a pension upon reaching the age of sixty, without the requirement to stop practicing law, because no professional lawyer can stop practicing law, stressing that he will work to achieve this with a legislative amendment that he provides.

He pointed out that To be eligible for a pension, it is required that the lawyer be forced to stop, and a legislative amendment must be made approved by the Bar Association that stipulates eligibility for the pension upon reaching the age of 60, with the possibility of continuing to practice law work and not closing lawyers’ offices in exchange for the pension.

He pointed out His program includes plans to provide financial resources to implement this legislative amendment, in addition to approving an increase due to pensioners, especially in light of the large resources enjoyed by the union, in a way that guarantees the lawyer and elders of the profession a dignified and decent life after retirement.


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