Cash-strapped councils wasting millions on ‘woke non-jobs’

Cash-strapped councils wasting millions on ‘woke non-jobs’  

by: Hani Kamal El-Din

Almost every authority in Britain is now “infested” by politically correct mandarins holding well-paid “grievance industry” posts, campaigners say.

A town hall audit reveals 750 employees are paid up to £28million for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion roles.

The taxpayer-funded army ensures cash-strapped local authorities meet equality commitments as part of a drive towards full-scale political correctness.

Rupert Lowe, Reform UK business spokesman, said: “Diversity, inclusion and equity are woke buzzwords which need to be eradicated from the public sector.

“If private companies choose to waste their money on this nonsense that is their decision, but we must scrap these taxpayer-funded positions.”

Birmingham – on the verge of bankruptcy with potential liabilities totalling nearly £1billion – has stopped all non-essential spending.

Yet it has 18 woke posts, including five vacancies, at a cost to taxpayers of £634,816.

Labour-run Luton Council has nine equality diversity and inclusion coordinators, seven full-time and two part-time positions and five vacancies at a cost to taxpayers of £451,399.

More than 1,300 staff members have attended unconscious bias courses, while it celebrates directing schools to its “directory of diverse curriculum materials”.

Council leader Hazel Simmons said: “We need to do more to tackle inequality and promote diversity and inclusion.”

Freedom of Information requests were sent to 372 county, city and unitary councils Some 247 responded.

They were asked the total number of staff in a diversity, equity or inclusion role and the annual salary cost for them.

Responses showed 498 staff are employed at a cost to the public of £18.1million.

But when the figures are weighted to include all authorities in the UK the numbers rise to up to 746 staff at a potential drain of £28.2million.

The rise of “diversity demagogues” across the public sector has long been a hallmark of schools and universities.

It is particularly prevalent in the NHS with more than 7.6 million patients on waiting lists.

Daily Express columnist Professor Karol Sikora said: “More medical professionals should be standing up to this lunacy, even if it results in some unpleasant insults.”

But this audit is the first time the full scale has been revealed in councils charged with running everyday services and amenities.

Bristol, where a bronze statue of merchant and trans-Atlantic slave trader Edward Colston was toppled, defaced, and pushed into the city harbour in 2020, employs 16 woke staff at a cost of £418,170.

Benjamin Elks, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “While council tax rates continue to rise, hard-pressed households should not be forced to fund diversity demagogues in their town halls.

“Council bosses should focus precious funds on delivering services and fixing potholes.”

The Local Government Association said: “Councils have duties under the public sector equality duty to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by or under the Equality Act.

“In many cases, in order to ensure they are meeting these duties councils will hire specialist staff.

The Department for Levelling Up said: “The Government is clear that there is significant scope to reduce wasteful and inefficient EDI spending.”

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