Cherry Cola hair is back – here’s some inspiration

There’s nothing that says “new me” like a drastic hair change. Dua Lipa knows this well. From her Future Nostalgia blonde stripes to an auburn gear shift to launch Houdini, the musician has no fear when it comes to a beauty transformation. In early 2022, neither did you. Everyone was switching it up and dyeing their hair copper. But if you’ve outgrown that specific fiery tinge, whether achieved through genetics or a couple of hours in a salon chair, here’s your sign to follow in Dua Lipa’s footsteps and try a colour TikTok is calling Cherry Cola hair.

Like all good things, Cherry Cola hair is torn straight out of the 90s beauty playbook. It’s on the darker end of the copper hair spectrum, and is well suited to anyone who would describe their personal style as “vampy” or “moody”. Deep, rich, and sultry, what sets Cherry Cola apart from other ginger shades is its violet base. This key difference creates a dimensional appearance: indoors the colour appears a dark mahogany, while under sunlight it takes on a vibrant crimson halo.

This particular shade is also extremely versatile, suiting all skin tones. It’s especially great for natural brunettes who find lighter copper tints are too harsh and wash them out. Aside from Dua Lipa, Belgian model Louise Robert and fashion influencer Courtney Trop are some of our favourite examples of Cherry Cola hair. Like the siren of a fire engine or a can of ice cold Cherry Coke, the colour jolts you to your senses. It’s certainly a statement. Are you bold enough to try it?

If you’re looking to try Cherry Cola hair for yourself but aren’t sure which hue will suit you, we’ve compiled a moodboard for you to take to your colourist. Find it below.

Dua Lipa


Courtney Trop


Tianna St. Louis


Louise Robert


Mira Al-Momani


Lourdes Leon




Alana O’Herlihy


Devon Ross


Julia Fox


Hari Nef


Barbie Ferreira

Images: @alwaysjudging @louise.robert @dualipa

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