Children missing in Doonside: Mother shares heartbreaking plea

The mother of four children who disappeared without a trace from western Sydney has issued a heartbreaking plea.

Azaiah El-Hajj, 12, Judah El-Hajj, 9, Mikael El-Hajj, 12, and Malaika El-Hajj, 16, were last seen on Earle Street, in Doonside around 6.45pm on Saturday.

On Tuesday, their deperate mother begged on social media for them to get in touch as soon as possible.

‘My babies whereabouts is still unknown!!’ she said through Facebook page, Islamic Sound Vision.

‘Malaika, ya albi, please call me in any way possible!! Let me know you’re ok! I just want to hear your voice!! 

‘It’s ok if you contact me mama, I won’t be in trouble and they won’t put me in jail, I promise! Please call me mama asap, please.

‘I miss you so much my beautiful people.

‘Ya Allah bring my children back to me safe and sound. Protect them and guide them back to me, fill their souls with courage and strength and lead them to my soul.’

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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