Confused Londoners slam decision to rename Bond Street tube station 'Burberry Street' to mark London Fashion Week in latest TfL money-making stunt

Visitors were left confused after a central London tube station was rebranded after a prominent fashion house.

Bond Street station, located in the heart of the West End shopping district, has been renamed ‘Burberry Street’ by TfL for this year’s London Fashion Week.

The usual red and blue tube logos have also been replaced with new all blue ‘Burberry Street’ roundels.

TfL has long been hit with a funding hole of £740million. Although it’s not known how much the stunt will generate, a similar deal with Buxton Water in 2015 brought in £110,000.

Maddie Dunne commented: ‘Yes the Burberry takeover of Bond Street is cool but it also had me thinking I’d completely lost my mind on the way home from a 12-hour night shift.’ 

Olivia Utley wrote: ‘Cannot get over the stupidity of TfL renaming Bond Street ‘Burberry Street’ for the sake of an ad partnership. 

‘Some poor elderly man just asked me in a panic if he’d missed Bond Street (3 stops past Bond St). This must happen hundreds of times a day.’

Sorrel remarked: ‘I hate this. I’ve lived in London over a decade and even I would have to double check that this isn’t just a new station. 

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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