Cops reveal Geelong dog-walker murder theory as dad-of-two is found dead by his wife

Homicide Squad detectives are on the hunt for a random killer who brutally murdered an innocent father outside his home during a late night dog walk. 

Paul Grapsas, 40, left his Western Beach Road home near central Geelong in Victoria about 10pm on Thursday and never made it back.

The family’s beloved dog had returned, but her husband hadn’t. 

She found his battered body, which had sustained significant head injuries, a short distance from their home. 

Police sources have told Daily Mail Australia the gruesome death has puzzled seasoned detectives. 

‘There is nothing in his background to indicate any reason he would be a particular victim of something like this,’ a source said on Monday. 

The nasty attack is cause for concern among detectives, who at this stage of the investigation are treating it as a seemingly random act of violence. 

The fact Mr Grapsas was walking his dog so late at night had armchair detectives on Facebook speculating something more sinister was afoot.

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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