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‘Don’t doubt who you are’: Britain’s first transgender parents want you to know about trans joy

In the days leading up to this article being published, Liz Truss has been railing against schools helping pupils socially transition, and it’s been claimed that gender-critical feminists want trans women to show passports in public toilets.

In our latest episode of Mentally Yours,’s mental health podcast, Jake and Hannah Graf, Britain’s first transgender parents, address the steady stream of hate towards the trans community – but they also speak about hope.

Jake tells ‘It feels very much like a propaganda campaign against trans people at the moment. It’s a scary time to be trans.

‘We are maligned, we are told that we’re infringing on other people’s rights.’

Jake and Hannah explain that it is ‘hard enough to be born trans’ and that the mainstream hate towards the trans community leaves them feeling ‘battered and bruised’.

‘There’s a real feeling of why? Why are we so hated? Why are we so maligned? Why are we so attacked? Why is it okay?’ adds Jake.

Jake began his transition in 2008 and Hannah came out as trans in 2013. They shared their journey together through the Channel 4 documentary, Our Baby: A Modern Miracle, and have recently released a book called Becoming Us.

The couple met in 2015. The pair flirted on Facebook before their first date, which lasted 11 hours and involved tequila, a first kiss, talks about dysphoria, the stigma of being trans and their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Jake says: ‘I was Hannah’s first ever date, which was obviously good for me because she had no point of reference whatsoever, and we just clicked.

‘When I saw her, I thought, what a beautiful woman. And that’s very unusual for me. It was wonderful.’

Hannah says that, until she met Jake, ‘the idea of parenthood felt a bit unobtainable’ for her.

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