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Dreaming about spiders a lot recently? Here’s why

This month is mating season for the eight-legged arthropods, which means you may see more of them around your home over September and October.

But insect repellent clearly isn’t enough to quell our fears, as creepy crawlies are creeping into the dreams of thousands of Brits right now too.

In an extensive study, analysing over 279,750 dream-related Google searches, MattressNextDay found that spiders are the most common dream in the UK over September, coinciding with the change of the seasons.

Martin Seeley, CEO and sleep expert at the retailer, explained: ‘As the weather changes and daylight hours shift, our internal rhythms and sleep patterns can be disrupted. 

‘These disruptions may lead to vivid and memorable dreams, often manifesting as spiders — a representation of the uncertainty that can accompany life’s changes.’

The recent heatwave may also be to blame for the surge in spider dreams, as hotter nights can cause us to wake up more during the night and make us more likely to remember our dreams.

‘Finally, the changing seasons also bring shifts in daylight hours,’ added Martin.

‘As September progresses, the days start getting shorter, and the transition from longer summer days to shorter autumn days can influence our circadian rhythms.

‘Our bodies may still be adjusting to these new rhythms in September, which can impact the quality of our sleep and the types of dreams we experience.’

Yet even if the thought of spiders gives you the shivers during waking hours, they’re not necessarily a bad omen in your sleepy subconscious.

According to celebrity psychic and dreams analyst, Inbaal Honigman, dreaming of spiders can symbolise ‘a need for creativity and patience in your life’.

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