Drone attack strikes Ukraine’s Lviv, one injured: official

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Drones attacked Ukraine’s western city of Lviv early Tuesday and explosions rang out, causing a warehouse fire and injuring at least one person.

The city of Lviv, close to the Polish border, is seen as one of Ukraine’s safest, but it has experienced more attacks recently. Three people were killed by air strikes in August.

Several waves of drones buzzed overheard starting around 0130 GMT and an AFP journalist heard numerous explosions and movements of heavy vehicles through the streets during the nightly curfew.

The Ukrainian Air Force said that drones were attacking the city and air defences operating.

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi wrote on Telegram that “as a result of an attack, an industrial warehouse is burning in one of Lviv’s districts”.

“So far, we know of one person who was injured by the attack,” he added, saying “all Russians should burn in hell”.

The head of the Lviv region’s military administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, said: “Two people were rescued from the rubble in Lviv, a man and a woman. The woman is initially believed to have no injuries. The man is in a serious condition.”

“The threat has passed,” he wrote after the all-clear sounded at 0300 GMT, thanking air defence forces.

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Source of data and images: indiatimes

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