Education: Making educational and training materials available electronically for grades from fourth primary to third secondary

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced the availability of (educational and training materials) in all academic subjects scheduled for grades from the fourth of primary school to the third of secondary school for the second semester, on its website via the following link:


The content deals with presenting educational materials. In an easy, simplified manner, with a comprehensive explanation of the basic knowledge and concepts for each unit of the curriculum, with the use of figures and illustrations in formulating maps of knowledge and concepts that help students connect them, and infer relationships between parts of the curriculum in an easy way, taking into account the individual differences between students at their varying levels in the achievement process.


The Ministry, within the framework of the content provided, was keen to train students to solve tests by providing a large number of questions at the end of each study unit of the curriculum, as these vary. The questions measure the targeted learning outcomes at all levels of knowledge, from simple remembering and understanding to deep understanding. The questions also include all the areas under evaluation in the study units, so that the questions serve as a learning and self-evaluation tool for the student.

The launch of this educational content comes on the Ministry’s website. As part of the Ministry’s efforts to provide all available learning resources, including educational channels and platforms; For the benefit of our students and the Egyptian family and to achieve quality education and learning. In parallel with students receiving textbooks in schools, the Ministry announces the availability of textbooks for all grades on the Ministry’s website as an additional service for students.


Dr. Reda Hegazy sent a message to students on the occasion of the launch of the materials. Education and training for the second semester, saying: “The construction phase depends mainly on the hands of its children, especially the youth group, and therefore we are working hard to build a new generation that possesses life skills that enable it to use the tools of the twenty-first century. There is no doubt that the role of education is a pivotal role in achieving this.” The goal, and from this standpoint, we are working to develop the educational system with all its tools in order to enable our children to receive high-quality education.”


The minister continued: “I provide my students with educational services.” Which contribute to this, in addition to the textbook, educational materials that include the main concepts in a simplified manner that contribute to establishing deep understanding and facilitating the collection and learning processes for them, as well as training them on vocabulary and types of questions that serve as a tool for learning, and achieving learning outcomes at all cognitive levels of remembering, simple understanding, and comprehension. Deep.. We also never lose sight of lifting the burden on Egyptian families by providing a distinctive package of educational materials, including simplified electronic versions and educational channels that provide a distinct explanation of the curriculum, in addition to the Ministry’s platforms that broadcast educational materials in unique ways and take into account individual differences among students. Regardless of their desires, we will always work to achieve a distinguished future for our students to build a bright future for our dear country.

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