Egypt October: Egypt’s position is historic and clear on the Palestinian issue and cannot be compromised

Engineer Ahmed Al-Baz, Assistant Secretary-General of the Egypt October Party, member of the Youth Coordination of Parties and Politicians, said that the brutal Israeli bombing of the Palestinian city of Rafah, and the targeting of homes, hospitals and innocent people, reflects the extent of the crime with which the occupying state deals with defenseless civilians, who have no place. Our security is not in southern Gaza, in Palestinian Rafah.


Al-Baz added: Since last October 7, the occupation forces have committed war crimes, punishable by international law, and have violated international conventions and norms, in which Israel has not respected the old, the young, or the woman. We call on the international community to quickly intervene and look with compassion and humanity at the defenseless citizens of Gaza.


The Assistant Secretary-General of the Egypt October Party explained: The city of Rafah is considered the only shelter for more than 1,400,000 unarmed citizens, and its bombing heralds the occurrence of a new humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip, noting that Egypt has warned against undertaking such attacks. A step whose consequences will have a significant impact on the region.


Al-Baz stressed his full support and support for the political leadership in protecting Egyptian national security, stressing that Egyptian national security is a red line, and we will not allow it to be compromised. We will do our best for him, explaining that Egypt will not be part of the occupation’s plan to liquidate the issue by forcibly displacing the brothers, stressing Egypt’s historical and firm position in support of the Palestinian cause and the brothers’ access to their legitimate rights.

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