English backpackers looking for rental in Sydney flooded with creepy offers

Two glamorous English backpackers who were looking for a room to rent have been inundated with a series of creepy offers.

Stevie Davies and her friend put a callout for a vacant room in a Facebook group hoping to find a place in Sydney’s ritzy eastern suburbs.

‘We are looking to share a room – anywhere from Zetland, Bondi, Randwick, Coogee etc,’ the post read.

‘Both English, will be working, in our late twenties & both sick at cooking.’

Ms Davies listed a price guide of £600 – which is $1,156 Australian dollars.

The price is well within the price range of rent in Sydney with the average cost sitting at $700 a week.

The social media post immediately drew in a number of disturbing offers from men with one offering to share their bed.

‘I will kick my girlfriend out, when would you ladies like to move in?’ another wrote.

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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