EXCLUSIVE: Accused 'Moscow Mule Murderer' Kouri Richins' mother repeats narrative from daughter's prison letter, claiming son-in-law Eric overdosed on fentanyl

The mother of accused ‘Moscow Mule murderess’ Kouri Richins repeated the same narrative that her daughter had scripted in a letter found in her prison cell as she spoke for the first time exclusively with

Lisa Darden told us she believed her late son-in-law Eric Richins had bought fentanyl-laced drugs and simply overdosed, just as Kouri had spelled out her instructions in her jailhouse note.

Darden, 64, spoke exclusively to on Friday, after steadfastly refusing media requests for interviews since her daughter’s arrest.

Now it turns out, virtually everything she told us mirrored the instructions laid out in a six-page letter that prison authorities found in Kouri’s cell after she was sent to the hospital following a seizure behind bars.

Richins, 34, was arrested in May and charged with first degree aggravated murder for allegedly killing her husband by slipping fentanyl into his Moscow Mule – a vodka-based cocktail.

She is also charged with multiple counts of second-degree possession of a control substance with intent to distribute.

Eric died in March last year and following his death Kouri wrote a children’s book on dealing with grief.

Now wallowing in the Summit County Jail, she fell ill on Thursday after taking prison-administered medication, allegedly for the sixth time since her arrest.

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