Football fans are divided over £7 'pizza hot dogs' featuring a Frankfurter sausage tucked into a slice of margherita

Nottingham Forest has split its fanbase over its decision to start selling £7 ‘pizza hot dogs’ that feature a Frankfurter sausage tucked into a slice of margherita. 

The Premier League club will be hawking the meals for £7 each, ahead of their match with Burnley at their home ground tonight.

Supporters are, however, split on the unusual creation. which has been dubbed a Pizzadog.

Fans took to social media to give their verdicts, as the club prepared to put Pizzadog’s on sale outside Forest’s 30,000-capacity City Ground stadium. 

Some fans were enthusiastic about the new invention, as they said they looked forward to trying it. Ryan Massey said: ‘That is a combo I did not know I needed.’

But others were quick to condemn the Frankenstein dish, as some fans complained about the £7 price tag. 

Sidney decried the new meal as he declared: ‘B*oody hell! It’s the end of civilization.’ 

Dan Gleebits simply said: ‘£7 for a 50p plastic sausage and a spoonful of cheese and tomato sauce on bread.’ 

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Source of data and images: dailymail

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